What our clients are saying about working with us

I highly recommend AltMed Data for their exceptional and outstanding services provided to Future Entheogenic Medicines.

I currently serve as Special Executive Advisor at F.E.M. Prior to my current position I started my career in medicine in 1978 spending 26 years in cancer research. I worked with many of the top global pharmaceutical companies designing and running global cancer clinical trials as a professional project manager and lean six sigma expert achieving an FDA approval for a breast cancer drug. I intimately understand the importance and value of HIPAA complaince and the need for anaimimty, and safety. I recognized those features and many more in AltMed's proprietary database, processes and approach to business. Their HIPAA-compliant database and processes set the industry standard, ensuring the utmost confidentiality.

These are just the basics that Linda Gilgore and Wayne Kelly bring to an experience with AltMed data. Their energy, enthusiasm, professionalism and attention to detail are unparalleled, creating seamless and very enjoyable interactions whether over email or via zoom. They are truly a dynamic duo whose skills and personalities complement each other which are important and essential to successful outcomes. They exhibit remarkable responsiveness to queries, demonstrating a commitment to client satisfaction.

The historic survey on psychedelics hosted by the AltMed database demonstrates their commitment to projects that are complex and paradigm shifting. F.E.M. benefited greatly from the services and leadership they provided. F.E.M. looks forward to working in the future with AltMed Data on many more projects.

I enthusiastically endorse AlteMed Data, Linda, Wayne and the team for any organization seeking excellence in project management, data capture and implementing a survey to enhance business and the lives of the customer.
I highly recommend AltMed Data for their data partnership and management services.

Wayne and Linda are a delight to collaborate with. For the Minority Cannabis Business Association’s Equity Workshop Tour in the Fall of 2023, they made the onboarding process very easy to manage from my end, especially while in the midst of preparing a 10-city Tour in 24 days.

Wayne and Linda were very easy to communicate with, and the finished product exceeded my expectations. We even had what could have potentially been a major hiccup, but Wayne and Linda handled it smoothly, with intention and great consideration, and I am very grateful for this.

The data we have collected thus far has been very helpful in making our plans for 2024.

I had previously used Google Forms for data collection, but after seeing the capabilities of AltMed Data firsthand, I am beyond thrilled to continue working together for 2024 and beyond.
Mike Lomuto
Head of MCBA’s Equity Workshop Tour
I am pleased to endorse AltMed Data for their outstanding services in survey development and dissemination. My recent collaboration with them on a public survey project was exceptionally informative, energizing, and enjoyable. As a professional working in mental health, psychedelic medicine, and biotechnology, I found a shared vision with AltMed Data—a commitment to harnessing real-world evidence to advance patient-centered, holistic care.

AltMed's cofounders, Linda Gilgore and Wayne Kelly, exhibited a level of professionalism and warmth that set the tone for a truly collaborative partnership. Their consistent availability and eagerness to engage in dialogue were beyond beneficial. Their enthusiastic and informative approach assured me that I was more than just a client; I was an integral part of a creative process that valued my input and expertise. This collaborative experience was not only enjoyable but highly educational. I was amazed by the intricacy involved in creating a comprehensive, well-constructed, and effective survey. What began as a modest initiative quickly blossomed into an expansive project in high-quality data collection. Linda and Wayne's expertise in fine-tuning each survey question ensured we precisely captured the necessary information from our target audience, while preserving the crucial nuances of the subject matter. Beyond achieving a high-quality survey; I also gained a deep appreciation of surveys as pivotal tools for education and policy reform. Reflecting on this experience, I can affirm it has led to my professional growth.

AltMed Data’s platform is straightforward, functional, and user-friendly. The results are presented in a format that is not only easy to comprehend but also visually compelling, enhancing the overall impact of the data. The intuitive interface made designing surveys seamless. Our resulting dataset was so rich and compelling that we are now preparing it for publication in a peer-reviewed journal. AltMed’s support played a key role in enabling us to connect with a wide audience, an achievement that would likely have been much more challenging without the guidance and support of their expert team. This experience has sparked a series of ideas for future surveys, and I look forward to continuing this collaboration. For professional, high-caliber clinical surveys, I confidently recommend AltMed Data, distinguished by their dedication to quality, robust support, and user-focused platform.