Introducing Consumer Assessment of Merchant Products and Services (CAMPS) for Alternative Medicine. CAMPS is the first national benchmark for quality assurance in alternative medicine.

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Research to revolutionize wellness

Following the standard established as a mandate in traditional medicine Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare  Products and Services (HCAHPS), we will establish the first Quality Assurance (QA) National Benchmark for all Alternative Medicine.

Focusing on Real World Evidence (RWE) and research for cannabis dispensaries, ketamine clinics, chiropractic care settings and psychedelic medicine (psilocybin).


Quality of Life Scale (QOL)

Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS)

Quality Assurance

The CAMPS Survey suggests items that encompass critical aspects of the consumer experience. (communication, responsiveness, education, cleanliness, quietness, safety and overall)

Quality of Life

Understanding how the consumer population perceives their overall Quality of Life (QOL) will help better serve their emotional as well as physical healthcare needs.

Anxiety and Depression

In today's world it is vital that we know, care and understand how each individual measures their anxiety and depression. Following the example of HADS, data can help determine best care for those suffering from anxiety and depression.

Net Promoter Score

Each of our CAMPS surveys contain the Net Promoter Score (NPS) question. Together we will create the first Real-Time NPS national benchmark for each alternative medicine initiative.

AltMed Data: Insight 360 Features

Enterprise Class Solution

Designed to be robust and scalable across large multi-state organizations. Corporate and facility level real-time benchmark comparison reporting.

Responsive Design

 Web solution that automatically scales its content and elements to match the screen size on which it is viewed. No install or user updates required.

Four Modes of Survey Delivery

Web based delivery from laptop or desktop, mobile iOS skin for iPads, email send for email delivery and the preferred kiosk setup for point or service (PoS).

Five Different Survey Types

Create surveys based on the need and publish immediately. (Client/Patient, Provider/Doctor, Wellness Associate/Nurse, Visitor/Family Member and Employee.)

Live View Dashboard (LVD)

The LVD allows our corporate and facility level admins to view positive, negative, top-box, response rate and percentile rankings in benchmark trend line data. 

Survey Language Translation

Google translate is integrated with our Insight Solution. Our clients can translate any survey to the language most convenient to the recipient during survey launch or PoS.

Custom Surveys / Global Surveys

Clients create their custom surveys at the facility or corporate level. Global surveys are offered to take part in greater initiatives such as CAMPS for global compare data.

Real-time Reporting

All provided reports are available immediately. (Business intelligence practice that consists of gathering up-to-the-minute data and relaying it to users as it happens)

Read more about our D-CAMPS Initiative for dispensaries.

Insight 360 Enterprise

Insight 360 is a solution that has been used in traditional healthcare since 2014 by several Multi-State Organizations (MSOs). The ability to create custom patient, employee, and service focused surveys across the entire corporation enables our clients to create an internal benchmark and view facility level comparison data at the corporate level. 

Taking part in our Global survey initiatives allows each Corporation and facilities within to compare themselves against like location types externally.

Insight 360 is hosted on secure, HIPAA compliant Google servers in California, USA.