Meet Our Team

As a team of seasoned healthcare experts, we advocate for the necessity of comprehensive data to fully explore the potential of alternative medicine modalities, expand consumer choices, and advance individual and societal well-being. Our commitment lies in delivering real-time human experience data to ensure informed decisions for genuine wellness.

Linda Gilgore

Co-Founder, CXO

Wayne Kelly

Co-Founder, COO

Tyler Brothers

Chief Executive Officer

About Us

AltMed Data has developed digital tools to collect real-world evidence (RWE) through patient feedback to research and document the swiftly changing healthcare industry.

The leadership team is comprised of dedicated technology, traditional healthcare, and marketing professionals who share a vision to serve patients by equipping providers with quality data, education, and evidence, in order to support the advancement of more holistic treatment options to patients.


AltMed Data will set the standard for real-world evidence and customer quality assurance in alternative medicine by using technology to provide actionable data to change the future of healthcare.


To be a known, trusted resource providing real-time, real-world evidence about the effectiveness of alternative medicine modalities while also providing free educational tools for the community.

Officers and Advisory Board

Neeraj Haathi

Chief Technical Officer

Gaetano Lardieri

Phychedelics and Cannabis SME

Glenn Miller, DC

Chiropractic SME

Justin Serianni, Esq

Cannabis Legal

Kacie Gilgore

Social Media/Marketing